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Journey On....

Found myself again, in a time where I felt alone and unsure of which direction I needed to travel.  By travel, I mean in all areas of my life: my thoughts, my actions, and even my attitude.  On this day, I was in Boston Public Gardens, actually working because the lady that I help with caregiving had a procedure done in that area hospital so I was waiting for her.  As I walked this first day of "spring" where it really felt like spring, I enjoyed the sun and the tulips that circled the area.  I was able to quieten my thoughts with the beauty and warmth that surrounded me; I didn't feel alone, but I knew in my heart I had questions for God that I felt were unanswered.  I set my eyes on a broken fountain and thought this is how I feel lonely, broken, and isolated.  I felt drawn to that area and as I walked towards it, I felt God say there was a verse on it to encourage me.  Faded from time, there was a verse etched in the stone: Isaiah 28:29 "This also cometh forth from the Lord of hosts, which is wonderful in counsel, and excellent in working."  I was not seeing His hand at that moment in my life, but all I needed to do is to ask and watch, because He is wonderful in counseling me and excellent in working things out in my life.  This reminder certainly encouraged my heart that day and moving forward.  Sure I have days where I feel lonley, but I will determine my heart to seek His conunsel and praise Him for the good works I see and will see in my journey.

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