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About three or four years ago, Lauren carefully designated a portion of our yard for her very own compost. Over time, Patrick decided he would help her by adding mowed grass, dirt, and branches. Lilia put in her old pumpkins, Liam gave it his watermelon rind, Leisha blew into it her dandelion dust, and Lauren continued to throw in her rabbit manure. Before long this compost was a big over grown jungle. Everybody had their own idea of what this compost needed. This year to everyone's surprise and delight, we produced a harvest! No careful hoeing, digging, planting, or watering. Somehow out of our compost we grew strange squash shaped, pumpkin colored gords (not quite exactly sure what they were, but we had a lot of them)! They were delicious! We ate them, shared them, and kept wondering what we should call them. We each put in what we had and were able to share the harvest!

How do you grow a harvest? We learned that you just put in what you have. Our passion and purpose is to please God. God has called us to work with the people in Ireland. This is our harvest field and we need your help to get there. If each if you give and partner with us we can produce a harvest for Jesus.

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